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The Lost Maidens by Destiny Swallows and Ruby Marley

The Lost Maidens is a book that quickly picks readers interest because the storyline isn’t usual. You get female viking warriors with anger management issues, lesbian warriors and a princess, all going to Vinland. Definitely not something you read everyday, maybe never.

Two tribes, a strange agreement set the tone of the book, as we are following the travel of these warrior women into this new land. Cool!  There is a simple, soft “rudimentary” feeling to the narrative that makes you go back in time, and as you read you will notice that the authors took the time to put even Nordic numbers in the chapters which is really cool and helps increase the Viking feeling of the book, along with the mentions of the gods and rituals.

It takes a few pages, but, humour finds its way through the book, after dire circumstances, close to a romcom series, but better, and we start asking ourselves if the foundations of a forbidden romance are being built? Which leaves us even more curious to read…

OK! This book can be put into the adult category, because of the….. ropes…. and…. ropes…..

There is dread, cold, adventure, dangerous creatures, murder blobs, and a quest to find the one in peril, in this narrative that is emotionally charged, sometimes reaching to the point of fiery, *coughs*, hot, *coughs*, as the two unlikely partners fight for their own survival, time after time. I mean, I wish I could go into details without giving you major spoilers, but that would take the fun of you discovering things for yourself, wouldn’t it?

There is a part, however that will make you become mad with the authors, because of the unreadable dialogue parts of it, because you will NOT understand, but then it will hit you: “Oh yeah, they are in a weird Island, and it would be insane if everyone spoke the same language, right?” and it will add a layer of realism on the book, and a frown to our faces as we try to make sense of those symbols, in vain.

If you think that “oh, this is a story of wild adventure and rediscovery”, well, I want you to hold that thought after Thor turns this boat of a story around, and then you find that our characters will actually have to fight demi-god and monsters along the way because of it. Which, is one of the coolest things about this book after the whole romance and emotions, and Alva being such a CUTIE PIE Viking berserker, (I know that this doesn’t make sense now, but after you read it, it will, trust me….).

One of the things that I, as a man LOVED about this book, and no, it was not just the fact that the characters were Lesbians, BUT the way the characters, the female MCs, per words, and explanations showed how and why many women turn to become lesbians and see men as brutes and selvages without regards for them, which calls us men to reflect upon how we behave in society in general and how we want to keep acting.

The emotional depth, and the display of the inner conflicts of the characters is incredible and consistent throughout the story which grips us as readers to it, as we feel more and more connected to Kaitlyn, Alva, Lise and others that will join them in this story. There are many action moments, some extremely unexpected, and others necessary, that spice up the book and bring it to new heights from time to time, and these moments will be counter-balanced either with sad or funny moments that come afterwards, giving the book a natural and realistic flow, increasing in the believability of what the author wrote.

Sex scenes. Ok, we have to say that, sexy scenes are frequent here, not sex scenes, but sexy scenes. The authors did make a teasing and “foreplay” in the stories before the main scenes actually came, or better saying, arrived in glorious details and length.

The Lost Maidens is a novel of fight, survival, bonding, love, freedom, destiny , perseverance, leadership and all things viking and berserker that brings a WHOLE new perspective on the term “Viking”. It’s a novel that shows how strong women are, have been and will always be, and that the world, underestimates them for being women. This novel is a game changer both romance, and Viking and Nordic fiction books. Amazing read.


  • The sex scenes are amazing.
  • The fight scenes are great, detailed, original
  • The use of Mythology and strange creatures was a total plus
  • The characters were very well developed
  • Nice approach to the injuries characters suffered
  • The story was compelling and at times gripping


  • The absence of line breaks makes the reading slower and at times difficult to understand, but this will be solved quickly with edits.
  • The fight with the bear wasn’t as good, or plausible but…

Favourite Character: Alva

Cover Score: 8.7/10

Book score: 8.7/10

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