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Book Awards 2022

Hello there, and welcome to the “ultimate” post of every year, the Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews Awards, and find out which were truly the most spectacular books of the year, after passing some of the harshest criteria of selection, review standards and ratings!

Yes, we are still one of the most selective book review sites on the internet, and we are proud to present you these absolute gems for your enjoyment, featuring only the best of the best in their category, in the the most competitive year, so far, on our blog with 100 books reviewed.

We had multiple bestselling authors, bestselling books, amazing Indie talents and some of the most unexpected books ever, with their scores going as high as 9.8/10! It truly was as a heck of a fun year.
So, let’s get this going and start with the best book of the year.

Book Of The Year & Historic-Fiction Awards

The #1 Prize that all writers fight for, no matter their category came in punchy, fast, and strong this year.
This year, the book of the year is the surprising, intriguing, heart-wrenching and thriller packed book, Daughter of Hades, by Mack Little!

With a score of 9.5/10, this Historical Fiction/Fantasy book did a turn on our souls, and emblazed itself in our hearts with the impossible to forget narrative of Mack Little, and grabbed both titles for itself. Read the full review here.

Indie Book Of The Year Award

Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews main mission is to help Indie writers thrive in this extremely competitive market, so, this award is equal in status, for us, as the Book of the Year Award.

This year, we have, a breathtaking, screamingly amazing book to give this award to. With a 9.3/10 book score, it not only defied all of our expectations, but presented a MASTERFUL, GRIPPING and wrenching narrative, a tough plot and exquisite romance/drama scenes that are down to the block.
Yeah, we are talking about “Family Ties: Thicker Than Blood” by B. G. Howard !

A book that is already taking readers by storm and will only continue to do so. Check out why on our review.

Cyberpunk, Author, Best Characters & Best Series Of The Year Awards.

It’s indeed rare (and almost impossible) for an author to receive so many awards from us. We try to be as unbiased as possible, BUT, there was simply no way that the “Aces High Joker’s Wild” Series by E. O Tearmann didn’t take the award for the best series. With 6 books reviewed in one year, and an average score of 9.32 per book, this had to be the best series, from the many we have had this year.

Given that O. E. Tearmann was the author with the most books on our blog, and highest average score per book, then, it was only fair that they were considered the Author Of The Year, and given that their books had the best constructed characters, you get another award, along with the Cyberpunk Of the Year Award, for it is its main genre of the books.

Though choice? You bet, as we have had a lot of Cyberpunk books this year. And talking about Cyberpunk, we have to give high praises for the excellent book continuation of My Fatal Futility Shellshock by Neil Humfrey, My Fatal Fatality Convulsions, that comes out in second in the Cyberpunk category with an Honorable mention for several reasons.

Thriller & Mystery Of The Year Award

This was a tricky one, to tell you the least. There was no way on this earth that “Double Jeopardy” By Alan Bayles would come out without an award this year, I thought to myself while reading top review, made by Bunny. This book sounds AWESOME! And it actually read AWESOME too, and the work put in it by Alan was simply jaw-dropping.

Yes, it didn’t have a 9+ score, overall, BUT, there is no book with a better mystery element than this, and the thriller part goes along well with the tone of macabre! This is a work of art, bloody, but art, still. Impressive! Read the review here.

Paranormal Of The Year Award

This year, the paranormal romance category was the most popular, and that, of course, made us think hard and long upon which book to give the award to, always starting with the highest score, of course.

After having to decide the technicalities and nuances of a clear tie between two books, JP McLean’s came on top with the advantage of having this same category as her main category, and took the prize with the outstanding book, Hidden Enemy, with a 9.3/10 book score, something that is incredibly hard to achieve on this blog.

This book deserves all the praises. Check the full review here.

Fantasy Of The Year Award

The ever-popular genre, fantasy, that brings up the limits of our magical imaginations. Ah, how can we not love it when well written? And well written is the book “The Colony” by Anna J Walner, from the Uluru Legacy Series, that has been one of the best fantasy series we came across! With a 9.3/10 score, it secured it’s spot, right on top.

Poetry Of The Year Award

Due to its inherent ambiguity, poetry is a tricky genre to judge, but when the poet, or poetess, is as good, and sincere as Davia A. Andrews, there is not much to think about, and a lot to feel, when it comes to her words. For the second time in a row, Davia takes this award, this time with her book: Embracing the Tempest, reviewed by The Reviewblr, that explains why this book is so surprising and unforgettable.

There is no way, however, we could have not mentioned the amazing work by Melody Wang, on her debut poetry collection, Night Blooming Cereus, that is simply jaw-droppingly unique!

Check its review here.

Sci-fi Of The Year Award

Science fiction is the hardest genre to judge, and the easiest to get wrong while writing, but, there is nothing that Edward Willett did wrong in its EXCELLENT book, The Tangled Starts, that came out with a straight 9.2/10 on its review that is simply mouth-watering good!

(Between you and me, Edward Willett would win two book awards on the Sci-fi genre, along with his book, Shapers of Worlds , but that book was an Anthology of sci-fi and fantasy, so it could not be classified as pure, too bad, because it sports a 9.4/10 score)

Romance of the Year

This year, this was an easy choice, and the choice was certainly a great book to read by the upcoming authors, Ruby Marley & Destiny Swallows with the title “The Lost Maidens”, that tells us a out of-the-ordinary story about warriors that get their boat diverted to strange lands and have to survive in the wilderness. Get more details on the full review.

Horror Of The Year Award

On last year’s awards, we had a clear winner in this category, but, this year, the horror genre was the 4th most competitive genre on the blog, with more than 10 books touching the category and many of them above the 8.8 score! So, it was tough, super tough, and by cat whiskers, the book “This Cold Night” By Erica Schaef grabs the title, with a 9.0/10 score while fighting 4 direct contenders for the same title with the same score.


Children’s Book Of The Year

Another very competed category this year, with many great books. A hard choice? Certainly, but the last entry of the year in the category did the job for telling us a story, and sharing historical facts that resonate to this day, but are suffering from a planned erasure. An enlightening, emotional and powerful read by Jane Baird Warren .

Full Review here.

Given the educational content, and the narrative of the story (alongside with the element of illustrations), Charlie and the Tire Swing by Diann Floyd Boehm could not be ignored, and we had to give it an honorable mention in this category due to the relatability and the lessons of the book for both adults and children.

Reader’s Favourite

This category is the one that we have no influence on, when it comes to deciding. No rating is considered, just the number of views, comments and shares that you, the readers, do on the post. And this year, “I want to tell you my story” by Denise Bowles is taking this prize away, but not without merit, because this is one of the highest scoring Non-fiction books of the year! So, congratulations Denise.

Scribble’s Pick Of the Year

Talking about awards that have no score criteria attached, we have this award category where we pick a book, to be the favourite of our blog this year, but it has to be an Indie book. This year, the book “No rain in the Desert” by Robert A. Stubblefield truly deserves this award.

This book shows the depth of fear, pain and at times despair of African-Americans, and African descendants in America due to the rampant racism and white supremacy that exist in this country, but also, touches our souls by praising Black Women and giving light towards their magnificence. Read the full review here

Cover Of the Year Award

Yes, we do have a score for covers, and that weighs heavily on which book this award will go to. This year, we have had incredible covers of all types, but there was one that was peculiar and full of intent for the work done with meticulous care and precision, and this cover was of the book Graveslinger by Darren Lee Compton.

If you think that it isn’t as deserving as it should be, we invite you to take a very close look at the full wrap-around cover of the book. 😀

Best Plot Of The Year

How can we distinguish the best plot within more than 90 fiction books reviewed this year? Tough. Original books are everywhere, and we abhor clichés by default, so most of the books here are unique in many ways. We start with the score of 9.0 , or higher. That surely helps reduce the list, hahahaha. And then we look at the sheer impact the plot may have on the reader through the story. And after many internal debates, we gave this decision to the most skeptical and analytical reviewer on the blog, The Reviewblr, and it was decided that “Paused” By Stephanie Ellis, should get the award, and for all that read her review of the book, there is no question why.

LGBTQ+ Book of the Year

It doesn’t matter if you are not part of the LGBTQ+ Community, it doesn’t matter if you don’t relate to them, it doesn’t matter really what you thought you knew before reading this book, or series, your mind will open and realize that people from this community are just that, people. But heck, this isn’t even a book to teach you that but a cyberpunk book series with gay, trans, hetero and gamma characters! You will love this series and this book specially, mostly because our favourite character…. but read the review, you will understand why “Raise the Stakes” is winning this award, hahahaha.

Non-Fiction book of the year

If Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews wasn’t focused on fiction books as our main category of books, “My Pursuit of Beauty” would, without batting an eye, take the best book of the year. With the HIGHEST score EVER achieved by a book on our blog, this autobiography of Vince Spinnato is one of the best reading experiences one can have.

It’s witty, knee-bending funny, full of drama, and the narrative is PRICELESS!!!!! Do check out the review and do grab this amazing book.

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