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Scribble’s Team

Welcome to our small profile hub! Here you will find all the info you need about our team !

Ashleigh Bonner


Ashleigh is the main editor of the site. If you see a typo, it’s because she hasn’t touched the page/post yet. She is AWESOME! The best Editor I have had the pleasure, and still have the pleasure to work with. She is also the “second” in command on Scribbles.

Her Website | Services and Rates | Twitter | Other links

If you need an excellent Editor for your manuscript, you can't go wrong with Ashleigh. Use "SCBW10" to get a free 2,000 word editing sample and a 10% discount on her services.


Best graphic designer in “da wold”

J-Man is our favourite designer and graphic artist and one of the coolest people on twitter. His talent and skill is like his daily artworks, breathtaking and always improving. If you like our latest E-mag covers, guess who makes them. Yep! J does them. In record time too. Yep, you should work with him on your book covers as well. Best graphic designer I know and have worked with for years! My #1 choice.

He is taking on commissions on his twitter.

J-Man’s Twitter

Rebecca Weber

R&D and Analytics Director

When we have questions about anything and we need accurate data and polls, Rebecca has our back. She is the reason our E-mags and services grow closer to the needs of indie writers every day. She is also the author of “The Painter’s Butterfly.”

Her Website | Twitter


The Book Eater. (Sci-fi, Fantasy & Horror Expert)

An awesome book review site MUST have an awesome bookworm. Bunny is a Book Dragon. Our fastest, and most enthusiastic reviewer. If you have a Sci-fi, Fantasy or Horror related book, chances are that Bunny will be the one Evaluating it.

Bunny’s Twitter

The Book Trollop

The Romantic Reviewer (Erotica, Romance & Fantasy Expert)

The Book Trollop, the expert reviewer of romances and fantasy, cozy mysteries and heart-pumping books. I you have romance, you can be sure that The book Trollop will be reviewing it. She lives on the mystical land of Goodreads, and is always reading. Hard to please, and easy to lose, The Book Trollop is one of our most selective reviewers. If you read jokes on your reviews, well, *shrugs*

Her Twitter


The Analytic Reviewer (Non-Fiction Expert)

The Reviewblr is the best when it comes to making pin-point observations, both on reviews and critiques. Although she often reviews Scifi, Romance and Fantasy books, she is the best in non-fiction reviews due to her sharp, critical eye. Memoirs, Business & Academic Books, Poetry and related are her expertize. She is our most selective reviewer and her word is law. She is amazing, incredibly productive and wise. Tumblr is her realm of action.

The Reviewblr’s Twitter


The Afro-Reviewer (African Books Expert)

Who is the best person to review African-related books than an African person? No, Africa is not a country, and yes, it’s quite diverse, but there is a need to have an insightful and unbiased point of view in some matters regarding the continent and the stories written about it and the people here, so, if you have a book about our beautiful continent, you can count on Khanani to give it an honest and brilliant review!

Poetic Monologues

The Poetic Reviewer

People that write and live poetry tend to be the best at understanding it, but Poetic Monologues doesn’t just read poetry, she is a multi-skilled reviewer, so do not become surprised if she is the one reviewing your romance book one day.

Tripti Kandari

The Colorful Reviewer

Tripti is one of the happiest members of our team, and although she is focused on her studies, and in a break, we still count on her insight on the Indian books, and Asian-related books to help us provide more relatable reviews to books with Indian and Asian characters and stories.

Our Cats and Dogos!

Pets are family, and we have a bunch of them helping the team make reviews by siting on the books and screens, laps, meowing and barking at plot-twists while they read our client’s books alongside our reviewers. They are awesome and cute and fury!

Julio Carlos

Support Staff & CEO

Well, I assume you already know me. I’m the guy who wrote this page! Sorry for the typos, lol. My job at Scribble’s is to keep everything in order—or not in a complete state of chaos.

I make the pages, post posts, reports, make payments, talk to the customers, and give the rejection letters (don’t kill me). I also… Well, I do everything else to help the amazing people working here do their jobs smoothly, so yeah.

I’m always on Twitter. DM me if you want anything or have a question about the book review or submission processes. We can also talk about tacos.

For general inquiries about reviews and related problems, contact us at, or DM us @Julio_reviews / @scribblesworth1 on Twitter.

Submission details here // Our prices // Free Writing Resources // Reader’s Hub // Store

Thank you.

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