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Writing It, Hot – E-mag 21st Ed.

It's 2023 and we want to start this year BLAZING, so, we made an E-mag focused on Erotica and Erotic writing , both in the stories as in the scenes, and our guests, Natalie Bartley, Deon Ashleigh and C. H. Darksider, shared their experiences and view on these subjects, both in writing and in editing,... Continue Reading →

Coffee!!! SW E-mag, Christmas Edition

What is the first thing in every writer's life? Words? No. A pen, maybe a laptop? Nope, it's coffee (and tea) actually! So in the last Edition of 2022, we release a very special Christmas E-mag about it, ft. Kelsey Anne Lovelady, The Blizzard Queen and the best-selling scifi author: Janet Kravetz! Download your Free... Continue Reading →

Horrorween! E-mag 18th Ed.

Download your here It's Halloween, our favourite time of the year, and this E-mag is about HORROR! So we invited the QUEEN of Horror, Julie Kusma, of course, Matt Adcock AND the amazing Darrren Lee Compton, to talk about their spooky books, their spooky writing careers and experiences, and you know what? It's amazing! Grab... Continue Reading →

Indie Artists (E-mag 16th Ed.)

Download your copy here. We all love books. Writers, readers, and book-sellers, and one of the reasons why is this: Book Covers! And who makes them? Artists! Cover Designers, so, given that we support mostly Indie , we brought some of the most talented artists active #WritingCommunity. They are: J-Man , Chelsea Ragrfisk and Vika... Continue Reading →

Bookcasts -July E-mag- 15th Ed.

Download your copy now Almost a year has passed after our previous E-mag about podcasts, and this time around, we came back stronger, with even more guests, featuring the "Hosts In The Shell", "The Writing Wall", "Steve Talks Books" and Two special features with Ashleigh Bonner and Jon Richter! This Edition is something you can't... Continue Reading →

Pride E-mag (June) – 14th Edition

To celebrate the Pride month, we brought some very well known members of the WritingCommunity and LGBTQ+, such as Bjørn Larssen, Anna J Walner, our always present Editor, Ashleigh Bonner, and an AVID advocate a member LGBTQ+ community, Riley Alerton and the O. E. Tearmann! An E-mag that you cannot miss. Download your E-mag here,... Continue Reading →

WAIT! It’s a SCAM! SW E-mag 13th Ed.

And WE ARE BACK with another incredible E-mag for writers, freelances, editors and artists about scams on the writing world, featuring The AMAZING podcaster, artist, and "Scammah", ROI, host of Let Me Tell You Somethin' Bitch podcast ; The energetic cybertronic cyberpunk award-winning author of Complete Darkness, Matt Adcock; The bestselling indie author, Cyberpunk Queen... Continue Reading →

Raise The Stakes By O. E. Tearmann

We have been loving this series since page one of book one, were sold completely by page two of book one, and became book-o-dependent by the second chapter of book two, and yes, the series is THAT good (check it on goodreads). Ebook/Paperback or see it on Goodreads Ebook/Paperback or see it on Goodreads After... Continue Reading →

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