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1. How does it work?

The process is pretty simple: You DM us with your book’s information, and we’ll talk about it. Later, you will submit your book through email, and we will evaluate your book and start reading it to see if it meets our quality standards, if it passes, we post the review, if not, we give you a our thoughts about it so you can improve your book further. For Editor-grade book critiques, contact Ashleigh Bonner.

1.1 What types of books do you review?

In a nutshell, we review every type of indie book you can think of, especially the original and cool ones. This article will explain everything.

2. Can my book be rejected?

Our site is HIGHLY selective, and your book can be “rejected” (more about rejections here). The number one reason is a clichéd storyline. Other reasons include:

  • Plot holes
  • Bland characters
  • Pointless story
  • The narrative (that’s subjective, yet important)
  • Oversexualized story and/or characters
  • Offensive points of view (mostly pointlessly mean and distorted personal opinions infused in the narrative. It’s subjective.)

2.1 What if my book gets “rejected”?

Although Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews rejects books (more about “rejections” here), there is nothing to worry about, and here’s why:

1. You won’t pay. Simple. You don’t get a review, you don’t pay. You don’t like the review you got? You don’t pay, and we don’t post it.

2. You can ALWAYS ask for a second review on the same book by a different person. We do not share reviews with team members. Each review is individual and posted directly to the site. No other member of the team, except the main editor and/or proofreader, has access to the review. Not even me! I just post stuff. LOL.

So, when you ask for a second review, you won’t pay for the review you didn’t get. And if your book passes the second review, we post it as if it was the first time. Easy peasy.

3. You can always submit another book, anytime, and we will review it in the next review period. No questions asked. Your book will be reviewed by someone else, so the chances of it being accepted increase!

4. If we don’t post your book’s review, it doesn’t mean we think your work isn’t “good enough” and that you are not “good enough as a writer,” but only that your manuscript needs more work. Here’s a post on “how to deal with rejections” and another explaining why we are SO selective and how YOU benefit from it.

3. How long does it take to review my book?

We will read it within the month of your submission, or the agreed month of review.

4. Do you review Erotica?

We do! As long as it doesn’t contain romanticized rape scenes, children/underage characters, bestiality, and billionaires. Please. We think there is no need to be rich to have sex.

5. How will you rate my manuscript on the review?

While reading your book, we will analyze the ups, downs, and other miscellaneous factors to create a rating from 0 to 10. Then, after we finish, we will focus on the overall book and give our final rating.

This, however, is now done on standardized scoring table, with calculations that ensure the accuracy of the overall rating, and decreases the impact of possible biases that a reviewer might have.

We want to give accurate and strictly factual ratings to the books we review, so our clients receive a fair and honest assessment of their books.

5.1. Do cover ratings influence the overall rating of my book?

Absolutely not. At Scribble’s Worth, we don’t judge a book by its cover, but rather we judge a book and its cover.

6. When do you consider a book “good enough” to review?

When it reaches 7.5 out of 10 on our scale. If it doesn’t reach that, we won’t post the review, and you don’t have to pay.

7. What happens after the review?

After the review, we’ll recommend your book whenever, wherever, and to whomever we find relevant. We’ll share your book’s review on Twitter, Goodreads—using various hashtags to increase visibility— give random shoutouts, and post the review on Goodreads, Google Books, and other available sites you provide.

We’re dedicated to recommending your book on the following channels:

  • Goodreads, where we’ll also post your review
  • Peer-to-peer recommendations
  • Our 2,000-member E-mag (optional)
  • Our 1,000-member book catalog
  • Promotional posts on the blog itself
  • Interviews!

7.1 What happens to my book file after you finish reviewing it?

As we read your book, we take notes and mark passages that we find worth sharing. These will be used when we start making promotional materials for your book, such as pictures, memes, and things like that. We might also need the file so we can send it to other members of the team, in case you ask for a second review.

Most of our team members are writers, and we know how heartbreaking it is to find our books on the internet, uploaded by third parties without our permission, so we don’t even dare think about that. Your book is safe with us.

8. How are payments made?

Payments are made on our Buymeacoffee.

9. Why do I have to pay for the review?

When you purchase a book review package from Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews, you’re not just paying for the review—but the entire service.

In addition to your detailed, passionate, and honest review, you’re also paying for your book’s continuous promotion. You’re supporting our high-quality services and increased visibility for your book through our constantly expanding promotional tools. With better advertising—and our constant recommendations to readers on our part—you will get more sales.

We must pay many expenses, and freelancers, to provide our services. We cannot keep ourselves going without a revenue stream, and the quality of our services cannot be maintained nor improved without electricity, internet, and payments to our incredible team.

Thank you for buying a book review. We appreciate every purchase.

This page was edited by Ashleigh Bonner. Use the code SCBW10 to get 10% off her services.

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