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“Money – Plain and Simple” by Steven J Spence

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” —Henry Ford (1863-1947), Founder of the Ford Motor Company

Money. A very delicate, and many times a controversial topic that brings fiery discussions and many times, lawsuits, but it doesn’t have to be so dramatic, right? Yes. So let us talk about it on this very short and straight-forward looking book called: “Money. Plain and Simple : What the Institutions and the Elite doesn’t want you to know” by Steven J. Spence.

Before we start this review though, we assure you that the person reviewing this book is well-roundly educated in most topics concerning money, investments, and related, so stand assured that we have the capacity to discern the truth and efficiency of this title with unbiased, sceptical and logical eyes.  Another thing we want to tell you is that, you, dear readers, can and should take your own conclusions on the words of Steven J Spencer, after reading and testing what he is saying by further research, so, to the review.

The author knows how to sell. That’s for sure, as the title itself invites you to read more and know which secrets that are being kept from you, making you ask questions like: What does the elite doesn’t want me to know? Is there really a conspiracy on keeping me financially un-educated? Why does he say this with such certainty?

Steven J Spencer, just like most of us, started off clueless about the financial systems and money, and the purpose of this book is to educate you, to share the lessons he learned, his own views and findings about it. Mind that. This isn’t a get-rich-quick book, nor a book will “show you the secret”, it is to teach you and guide you.

The author opens up the reader’s mind to the realization of how debt is made to keep you a servant of the system while going nowhere, this is done bluntly, a good sign when it comes to the approach the writer reserves on this book. Steven J Spence, also lets you know that knowing how the system works, having financial literacy will release you from such bondage, which is also true.

Credit cards and low-wage jobs are discussed in detail here and the author accounts how he himself was one of the victims of the system, and he warns you about something that still is done today towards the population, and that, we have to say that many people choose to do, be it that they know the consequences or don’t. That’s a very important point, because, no matter which decisions we choose to make, or how we choose to make them, in which condition of knowledge or emotion, we are always going to bear the consequences of such decisions, so please have this in mind.

So, Steven J Spence retells his decisions on thinking: “Why not?” when maxing out a credit card, and then another, and another, as he was eluded by the trap of easy money.

I’ve read many financial books, but there are few authors that spills it out as clear as Steven, as he tells you in a clear, clean and simple, no-bull fashion, the truths that you need to hear, and the truths that you are maybe are going through and are still unaware, or in denial of. Steven J Spence understands, because he has been through what most people on the US, specially men in the military go through when it comes to financial struggles. But this isn’t just for the military personnel, this is for the average Joe and Joanne that is clueless about how the US financial system works and how to get ahead. Something that is much needed, given the amount of people in financial distress.

Do you think that education will make you earn more? Well, think again my friend, because this author lays out how that is part of the system too, and you will understand why this cruel, simple truth is hidden in plain sight from you, twisted by the media and the US financial institutions. There’s the relationship choices laid out here as well, and yeees my dear reader, relationships can, and will affect your financials, and you should read this book to know more about that. This is a must-read book that tells you about the infamous Rat-Race and how to get out.

Once again, this book is to educate. Steven J Spence wants to let you know the traps of the US financial systems in order for you to not get caught by them, this is a crash-course on finances and the systems, not something overly complicated/deep/detailed, and he invites you to pursue each topic further on your own which is GREAT.  He is telling you the truth as it is, and we appreciate that. This book is very well written, although some might say that this is all a bunch of conspiracy theories in order to put this book down, or away.

Something I really enjoyed is that the author invites the reader to take control and responsibility of his own financial destiny, and walks with the reader while giving them an overview of how things work, from the knowledge that he has. He doesn’t pretend knowing something that he doesn’t know or to know more than he does, which is another very good sign of the veracity of his words.

As an educated entrepreneur myself, I thank  Steven for waking up and throughoutly educating readers on such basic concepts that people think they understand, but in reality, they have the pre-conceived idea that helps to trap them in the financial systems that feed from them and enslaves those who don’t know the real truth about them. Ask yourself, dear reader, if you really know all you need to know about what is money, how it came to be, what’s a FIAT system, how it works, why we don’t us gold as money anymore, and how things have value? Small definitions like these are crucial for financial success.

In the 120 pages, this book has more educational content on finances than most people get in their entire lifetimes on the same subject, content, filled with outstanding humour, where the sarcasm is masterful and on point. LOVE his narrative! LOVE THIS BOOK! Hands down to the author.

This little book is the warning before the earthquake, the red pill, the rise of the wave before the crash of the tsunami, and one thing is certain, the truth it reveals is scary, but the solutions he presents you, attainable, so, make the best financial decisions you can make and educate yourself financially. This book is a great stepping stone to making this change in your life.

If you are young, 13+ years old, you want to read this book, in order to not make the same mistakes that the writer made and have a huge advantage in life when it comes to finances. You see, the #1 reason why people don’t make better financial decisions, is because they don’t know about finances. Please don’t get us wrong when we say that most people in the world are financially illiterate, both because they don’t know, and because they don’t care enough to start knowing, and if you have no clue about finances, be it personal or otherwise, this book is a great starting point to the journey to a better path.

I have learned a lot in with this small and quick book, and I will read this again thought the rest of my life, because the content is that  good and important.

This book will be revolutionary, and don’t expect it to be shown to you by your good old friend, Uncle Sam.


  • Straight-forward narrative
  • A no-bullshit feel to the book
  • A honest, plain, blunt, open-ended and clear description of how things work
  • A swift approach to the book, the Steven J Spence doesn’t beat around the bush
  • The author connects to the reader quickly and walks along with the reader in a conversational tone
  • The exposure of the author’s life and background really helps us understand why he is saying this, and that this isn’t something that was faked in order to make a quick buck
  • Lots of humour
  • Hard-to-swallow pills everywhere
  • History lessons that change the whole perspective of things when it comes to money and the financial systems
  • Practical advises on what to do when it comes to finance
  • Very well rounded book and solid on its own, perfect for first-time readers on finances


  • None. This books fulfils its purpose very well.

PS: Given the way and the content that Steven puts forward, this will be seen as a conspiracy theory, and he can be given as insane, but… many times, the ones who are given as insane, are the ones that are telling the truth. So mind that as you read.

Lesson from the book: “Get as much assets as possible. NOW!”

Cover Score: 9.5/10

Book Score: 9.1/10

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  1. Reblogged this on ThisKover Entrepreneurship and commented:

    This is a GREAT financial education book I just reviewed that will open the mind and the eyes of many when it comes to the financial system of the US and how the global financial system works.
    GREAT for starting entrepreneurs, and people just starting out with their financial education.


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