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Complete Darkness COMIC VERSION! by Matt Adcock

Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock is one of the coolest Sci-fi books we have reviewed on Scribble’s Worth, and you can read why we have are telling you this on the review of this awesome title.

Available on Amazon

So, in the review of the book, we told you that the imagery that the narration conjures is akin to a comic book, well, maybe that’s because this story will have a comic book version!  And we are HYPER excited for the other chapters to come, not only because the story is insanely original, with one of the best dry and sarcastic humor narratives you will find, but also, because it has lots of potential!

IF you like to read manga, like I do, and if you love old-school style comics with that sharp style, then this comic series will be something you will want to have on your hands.

The story is about the coming of the “Day of Carnage” that was promised around thousand years ago, apparently by the Devil himself, and such footage has been discovered in a futuristic version of London! Now, we have covered all of these details on the book review and on the podcast review, so we will not repeat ourselves. We’ll talk about the freaking cool artwork, that is hand-drawn, yes, this comic is done by hand, by Karl Brown! I will take some time and acknowledge the mad skill of Karl Brown on this, specially for the character designs, with a super highlight to the Villain’s costume that is FIIIIIIREEEE!

Ok, you might have seen comics that are done by big groups and famous artists, and are used to well-funded comic issues, but here’s the thing that has caught our attention: This is made by one man only, in a style that is almost being forgotten. This is old-school, we are talking 90’s and early 2000’s style of comic, and for one guy to reach this level of detail and accuracy on the strikes, the depth of the shadows, the contrast and the vibrancy of each frame, making it pop out of the paper and actually feel consistent… MAN! That’s something that you have to take your hat off to. DAMN. That’s dedication right, there, and that makes this comic VERY special.

If you care to appreciate this introductory chapter of the comic, you will notice the small details on the making of this world. It’s not overly detailed, I have to say that, but that allow us to pay attention to the story itself without giving a sensory overload, and making the reading quick and straight to the point, which combines with the style of narrative of Matt Adcock.

The movements are well caught, the brutality of the fight is there, the emotions, the rage and the power! There’s attention to the background images and textures, which is something that very important on a comic and I tell you that if the first issue ever made of this comic already has this level of work in it, we are looking at a very, very exciting project, not only because we have an excellent writer backing the plot up, but because we have an artist that is clearly evolving each time that he makes a new frame.

This is great, truly impressive. I love it, I love it, I love it. You guys have to check this out.

Ok, so, this is in the early phases of development, it’s still an embryo, a cool, cyberpunkish embryo, so, I invite you guys to not only get this very cool first chapter of the comic, – Out Sept 24th–  but also to read THE AMAZING, hyper-sarcastic and funny book, review here, that has 4x as much story content than the comic, and really shows how cool this project is and its potential, by the same title: Complete Darkness, available now for purchase on Amazon// Author’s Page.

PLUUUUUUUSSSSSS, guys, there are awesome collectibles in COLOUR, for you to get and help support this super cool project. You’ll find more news on the Author’s site, or on his Twitter.

Grab your version of the comic on the Author’s site!

Cover Score: 9.3/10

Artwork: 9.5/10

Comic Score: 9.0/10

Listen to the Podcast Review for MUCH more details.

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