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“Scribbles Worth Book Reviews are the best! They really took the time to not only read my books but to also provide honest feedback about what they liked and they didn’t like on my books. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Robert A. Stubblefield, Author of “Written in Blood” & “No Rain in the Desert

“Scribble’s Worth exceeded my expectations by not only providing a fair review of “Graveslinger” but being incredibly thorough too. They work fast, keep you updated, and really do their homework. They make you feel important, rather than just another author to chew up and spit out.”

Darren Lee Compton, author of Graveslinger

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” The Review of “Mystery in Mactown” completed by Scribbles Worth was more than any author can ask for. Not only do they provide a thorough analysis of the content, they also paid particularly close attention to certain details and themes. @Reviewblr left the review like she read it twice! I have had reviewers look at my books before but none with such a full in-depth analysis LIKE THIS! Thank you Scribbles Worth for your review and hope to work with you on future titles!”

– K. E. Robinson Author of “Mystery in Mactown

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“Scribble’s Reviews’ Team enthusiasm is infectious, and the review commentary is spot on. Their work makes both the authors and the readers grin!”

O.E. Tearmann, Authors of the breathtakingAces High Jokers Wild” Series

“As an Indie writer, I appreciate the consideration and value readers, editors, and reviewers devote to supporting us.
The crew at Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews have done that for me. My initial concern was with the sincerity and legitimacy of the staff. I was (and continue to be) impressed with the quality of their service.
They have been both professional and easy to work with, and the review of my debut sci-fi book ” Destined: By Choice or Circumstance” by Bunny was honest, comprehensive, and insightful. It was far more than I expected.

Michael D Brooks, Author of “Destined: By Choice or Circumstance

Featured three times in Scribble’s Worth E-Mag (editions 2, 6, and 11), I’ve always found Scribble’s Worth’s Team thoughtful, courteous, and pleasant to work with. The book reviews are professional and articulate and point out the “pros” and “cons” of each work in an honest review. The author’s interview questions are thought-provoking and often unique. Scribble’s Worth offers outstanding support to authors in the Writing Community. Definitely, a service an indie author wants on their side.”

Julie Kusma, THE “Queen of Horror,” Award-winning author of Stuck That Way & Other Quandaries, The Many Worlds of Mr. A. Skouandy, and Honey: Words to Heal & Mend

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“Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews have been an incredible and monumental uplift to my life as an indie author. They stand out as friendly, considerate, and very thoughtful group. Throughout the whole process, from submitting my book to sharing the review and promoting it long after, the communication was courteous and exceptional. I felt immensely lucky to have professional critics take me on board. At all times, they made me feel appreciated, which is a rare thing to encounter as an indie author.
Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews team’s dedication to writing, the author’s journey, and truly taking a deep dive into my work to understand every letter of it was humbling. Their constructive criticism is so fair and helpful too. My relationship with Scribble’s Worth Reviews has just begun, and I already feel I’ve reached a pivotal moment in my author career. I couldn’t recommend enough for all authors to reach out to Scribble’s Worth Reviews and obtain the type of rare support you’ve been wishing for.

Neil Hemfrey – Award Winning Author of “My Fatal Futility Shellshock

“Finding outlets to review your book can be a daunting challenge for indie and small press authors, which is why I am especially grateful for Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews.”
Without hesitancy and with great enthusiasm, they reviewed my poetry collection, “Shadow Folk and Soul Songs,” and I was humbled to read the critical analysis and insight he gave my book. I especially enjoyed the friendliness the team demonstrated when we were in contact and the fact that they seek out indie authors who may not have the largest platform. I found them to be exceedingly professional and flexible throughout the reviewing process, and I could not be more pleased with the time and dedication they gave me.”

Matthew Johnson author of “Shadow Folk and Soul Songs

Reviews and book promotion services by Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews are great! They show their love for reading and creative writing while remaining honest.
You can tell they puts much time and thought into the articles. And mix in just enough humor to hit that sweet spot between relating information and subtly coaxing potential readers to dive in. Believe me, it is a fortunate thing to have their thorough yet concise critiques at your back.”

C Billie Brunson, Scribble’s Worth Award Winning Author of “Six Strings” and “Heart of Malice

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Anna Mocikat, “The Cyberpunk Queen”

I had the great honor to be featured in Scribble’s Worth’ E-Mag thrice (1st , 2nd, 3rd). The interview questions I received were thoughtful and intelligent and it was a pleasure to answer them. I hope my answers gave authors and readers some interesting insights into the publishing industry and will inspire some of them on their own writing journey. The E-Mag is an outstanding online magazine aimed at authors, filled with fascinating interviews and knowledge. No matter if publishing veteran or newbie author, every creative writer will find something for them in this magazine.

Anna Mocikat, “The Cyberpunk Queen”, Amazon Bestselling Cyberpunk Indie Author of “Behind Blue Eyes” series

Anna J Walner

“Not enough can be said about the level of quality that authors receive when having their books reviewed by Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews. By far, one of the best sites to have a review of your book. The care and consideration they give to every manuscript is evident. When they say a book is good, they truly mean it. Beyond highly recommended. 10/10!

Anna J Walner, International Bestselling Author of The Uluru Legacy Series . Scribble’s Worth Multiple Award Winning Author

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Steven McKinnon

“I’m biased because they enjoyed the three titles reviewed on Scribble’s Worth, but I enjoyed their conversational review style for its infectious enthusiasm and ability to sum up a book’s narrative without delving too much into spoiler territory. The team puts the points across succinctly and they don’t shy away from constructive criticism. I definitely intend on utilising Scribble’s Worth to boost the signal the next time I have a launch.”

Steven McKinnon Scribble’s Worth Award Winning Author of “The Fury Yet To Come”// “The Symphony of the Wind” // “The Wrath of the Storms”//


“I adored the review I received for my short story collection. It was so refreshing to see someone had taken the time to really get into my writing, understanding beyond what was simply on the page and beginning to understand me as a writer. Their assessment was fair, helpful, and thorough, and their insight was some of the best I’d come across. This is exactly the type of feedback every author dreams of receiving.”

J-Man, Author of “Errors”, Epic Digital Graphic Artist

Randy Gerritse

“For my fellow authors who have a book out, if you’re looking for some promotion of your work, check out Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews. They promoted my work after an interview (with passion). They has very reasonable fees for their professional services.”

Randy Gerritse Author of The Rhythm of Life , Legendary Poet and Metal Journalist. Scribble’s Worth Award Winning Indie Author.

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Guy Walton

“I’d like to thank Mr. Carlos on his perspective of my children’s climate book. World of Thermo…Thermometer Rising. I’m so glad to know that another professional critic has come to the conclusion that the following goals were met in the writing of this first book: Easy to read stories. The book is written in short story fashion with scientific explanations to it with cool reality checks on the end of each story. CONSISTENT storytelling. GREAT characters. Good emotional atmosphere. Attention to detail. SPLENDID and CLEAR-CUT illustrations. Top tier stuff.”

Guy Walton, author of “The World of Thermo” and Legendary Meteorologist and Climate Advocate

Humphrey Hawksley

“Sharp, original, intelligent. If you love books, if you love what’s new and unusual, you cannot afford to miss Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews. “

Humphrey Hawksley, Author of Man on Fire

“Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews has been an incredibly positive experience.  We have worked with them for approximately two months, and Julio Carlos has been attentive, professional, and my clients are loving the results we are getting with his reviews. The fact that the reviews are placed on multiple platforms only creates more buzz overall, and the reviews that we do get are just amazing. Highest quality ever.  Creative Edge is looking forward to continuing a long-term relationship!!!!!”

Mickey Mikkelson – Publicist at Creative Edge

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