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Coffee!!! SW E-mag, Christmas Edition

What is the first thing in every writer's life? Words? No. A pen, maybe a laptop? Nope, it's coffee (and tea) actually! So in the last Edition of 2022, we release a very special Christmas E-mag about it, ft. Kelsey Anne Lovelady, The Blizzard Queen and the best-selling scifi author: Janet Kravetz! Download your Free... Continue Reading →

The Missing Blurb

It's a lovely day, you have free time and the sun is shinning. Oh glory day, the only thing that is left is… a GREAT INDIE BOOK! No problem. You pick your phone and hit social media and search "Books" and say to yourself: "To make this even more interesting, the VERY FIRST book related... Continue Reading →

Pride E-mag (June) – 14th Edition

To celebrate the Pride month, we brought some very well known members of the WritingCommunity and LGBTQ+, such as Bjørn Larssen, Anna J Walner, our always present Editor, Ashleigh Bonner, and an AVID advocate a member LGBTQ+ community, Riley Alerton and the O. E. Tearmann! An E-mag that you cannot miss. Download your E-mag here,... Continue Reading →

Do Reviews Sell Books?

Before we answer this question, we have to ask ourselves: What's the goal of a Book Review? A book review's main objective is to share the reviewer's experience with the book to a potential reader of the review. Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay With this in mind, we can answer the question in hand:... Continue Reading →

Editors VS Apps

Although the title suggests a showdown, this is a settled debate. Editors will never be replaced by Editing Apps, and I will let you know why. Why Editing Apps will never replace editors: Reason #1- Context This is the crucial difference between great Editors and apps.Of course! Yes. Editing apps will get grammatical and spelling... Continue Reading →

Writing Advices Series #2

"Which lessons you learned the hard way?" was the question we asked and here are some GREAT answers: 1 Fail. Fail a lot. Means you’re writing.GioWritesStuff 2 It's a fine line between 'the reader will figure out the plot' and over-explaining things to the point of being annoyingly condescendingMiriam Van Scott 3 There is writing... Continue Reading →

“The Best Laid Plans” by Russell Govan

A book that starts off in full swing, tension, contradiction, the sense of accomplishing a mission and doing what is right despite the instructed from our main character. Nice! Great openings mean that the writer knows what he/she is doing, and Russell Govan clearly knows his craft. First impressions are crucial and in this point... Continue Reading →

JUGGERNAUTS! E-Mag, 5th Edition!

Download your FREE Copy Discover what the successful, prized and renowned players of the Indie Writing Community World do, and how they reach their status of BEST-SELLING authors, told in their own words. In this VERY special 5th Edition, we talk with 3 of the BIGGEST names of the #WritingCommunity, but these are not just... Continue Reading →

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