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Running with Roselle

Running with Roselle: How a Blind Boy and a Puppy Grew Up, Became Best Friends, and Together Survived One of America’s Darkest Days is a follow-up novel by authors Michael Hingson and Jeanette Hanscome, Thunder Dog. Running with Roselle fills in the gaps of Roselle’s upbringing and combines her story with Mike’s as he grows... Continue Reading →

Written in Blood by Robert A. Stubblefield

Open on Amazon || Goodreads Written in Blood by Robert A. Stubblefield is a collection of poetry that spans the range from coming-of-age musings to poems that pontificate about the socio-political drama that was unfolding in past years. When it comes to poetry, one thing remains true and that is – it can be interpreted... Continue Reading →

Angle of Death by William Gensburger

William Gensburger introduces the second chapter of the Mackenzie Michaels Mystery Series by reinforcing in our minds what’s the series is about and what to expect from this second book, ‘Angle of Death,’ enhancing our curiosity enough for us to turn the pages faster, and read the first scene that is very well written. William doesn’t just re-introduce us to the main... Continue Reading →

The Line is Drawn by Jocie McKade

First impressions are essential and this book starts off with a bang, blood, and murder – “MOE SHERIDAN, Esq., fell to the floor unleashing an agonizing scream. His perfectly knotted bow tie sagged to one side and a quickly growing bloom of crimson blood covered his finely tailored shirt.” Well, hell yeah! With all the... Continue Reading →

The Warfighter By Craig DiLouie

When I received a review request for this book, I almost screamed my lungs out, because Craig DiLouie is one of our favourite authors of all time, and this series is one of the many series that we want to review completely. I guess dreams do come true. There were HIGH expectations for this book,... Continue Reading →

The Aviator By Craig DiLouie

Flying is one of the coolest things on Earth and aircrafts are possibly the most awesome inventions created by mankind! They are faster than sound, look very slick and Craig DiLouie challenges our minds with them in this fast-paced thriller and IF you like adrenaline, The Aviator is the right book for you. So, we... Continue Reading →

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