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Dealer’s Child by Joanna Vander Vlugt

Prepare to deep dive into Dealer’s Child, a page-turner of a novel that will pull you in as you work alongside the characters to decipher a range of secrets from the past. With each turn of the page, more drama and danger will unfold as Jade and her sister find themselves in the crosshairs of... Continue Reading →

The Tangled Stars by Edward Willet

Looking for a new sci-fi deep space novel to dive into with both feet? Then look no further than The Tangled Stars by Edward Willett. As this story unfolds, the author captivates you to the very end. Packed with drama, twists, turns, danger, and a genetically modified cat with a wicked sense of sarcastic wit,... Continue Reading →

Augment Nation by Scott Overton

Augment Nation is a science fiction/futuristic novel by Scott Overton. Augment Nation delves into the futuristic exploration of brain-computer implants and their implications for the characters in this book. Everything has upsides and downsides, but what are the real dangers behind these? When an image pops up in your mind, is it simply a craving... Continue Reading →

Hero Haters by Ken MacQueen

Ken MacQueen’s Hero Haters is a suspense thriller that will pull you to the edge of your seat and keep you there. Somewhere in the United States is a man with a grudge against so-called “heroes,” and he has a particular one that he has his eye on. But first, he’ll make people disappear and... Continue Reading →

Catalyst by Nicole Fanning

Get it on Amazon || Goodreads Catalyst is the first book is the debut series by Nicole Fanning. This book started and the first couple of chapters really left me hooked as the chapters were alternating between Natalie and Jaxon’s point of view and the reader gets a good insight into both of their brains.... Continue Reading →

Duatero by Brad C. Anderson

Are an avid reader of science fiction? Do you enjoy horror? If so, then this novel, Duatero , is going to be a great fit for you. Duatero is a scifi/horror novel by Brad C. Anderson that takes you to a planet where the people every nine years wait for the Founders to return, and... Continue Reading →

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