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Allaigna’s Song: Aria by J. M. Landels

The start of this book, the continuation of the previous, Allaigna's Song Overture, is as dramatic as the end of the previous. The drama, alongside with the narration of J M Landels, pulls us back into the "fateful" events that lead this story, as we will find out soon enough. Allaigna, our MC, has discovered... Continue Reading →

(Not) Alone by Tyler Wittkosfsky

Reading stories about mental health can be difficult but if you have no triggers around them I’d recommend you to read a few starting with (Not) Alone. It’s a very short read but encompasses some very hard-hitting topics which are relevant in today’s time. (Not) Alone by Tyler Wittkofsky is a short novella falling Henry... Continue Reading →

Indifferent by Kelsey Anne Lovelady

Imagine, imagine, imagine for a second, how would it be like to be indifferent to emotion. YES!!! And not just your emotions, but of others as well! Sounds fun? Well, if you thought: "interesting…" or are intrigued then you should read this book by Kelsey Anne Lovelady, as it's the premise of it. Want to... Continue Reading →

Hero Haters by Ken MacQueen

Ken MacQueen’s Hero Haters is a suspense thriller that will pull you to the edge of your seat and keep you there. Somewhere in the United States is a man with a grudge against so-called “heroes,” and he has a particular one that he has his eye on. But first, he’ll make people disappear and... Continue Reading →

The Conned Lady by Diane Bator

Does anyone remember the popular meme of Charlie Day in the mail room from Always Sunny in Philadelphia where he’s in front of a whiteboard with a whole bunch of clues and he’s almost ripping his hair out trying to make connections? That was me reading this book! This is the second book I’ve read... Continue Reading →

Catalyst by Nicole Fanning

Get it on Amazon || Goodreads Catalyst is the first book is the debut series by Nicole Fanning. This book started and the first couple of chapters really left me hooked as the chapters were alternating between Natalie and Jaxon’s point of view and the reader gets a good insight into both of their brains.... Continue Reading →

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