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Raise The Stakes By O. E. Tearmann

We have been loving this series since page one of book one, were sold completely by page two of book one, and became book-o-dependent by the second chapter of book two, and yes, the series is THAT good (check it on goodreads). Ebook/Paperback or see it on Goodreads Ebook/Paperback or see it on Goodreads After... Continue Reading →

Angle of Death by William Gensburger

William Gensburger introduces the second chapter of the Mackenzie Michaels Mystery Series by reinforcing in our minds what’s the series is about and what to expect from this second book, ‘Angle of Death,’ enhancing our curiosity enough for us to turn the pages faster, and read the first scene that is very well written. William doesn’t just re-introduce us to the main... Continue Reading →

Fright Nights, Big City By Mark Leslie

"Fright nights, Big City" takes off with energy and a quick recap of the last book's, "Fear and Longing in Los Angeles", main events.Although this is a paranormal comedy romance, Mark Leslie grips us into our seats with a suspense-inducing first scene that promises trouble and lots of awkward moments for our main character and... Continue Reading →

How to use Book Reviews

So, you have got a great review on your book from a friend, now what?Even if you only have one review, here are a few things that you should do in order to increase sales or engagement from readers: 1- Share the review A little obvious, and even a dumb advice, but you know what?... Continue Reading →

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