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SW Tips for Writers Series #3

Here are some cool tips for writers: 1- Use #s Never underestimate the power of a hastag, tag, or link. Use key words, generic that people do search. Twitter, tells you how many times a certain hashtag was used. That can come in handy to know what people are searching. 2- Know your crowd This... Continue Reading →

Editors VS Apps

Although the title suggests a showdown, this is a settled debate. Editors will never be replaced by Editing Apps, and I will let you know why. Why Editing Apps will never replace editors: Reason #1- Context This is the crucial difference between great Editors and apps.Of course! Yes. Editing apps will get grammatical and spelling... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Reads

Looking for books to inspire you start off the New Year on the right foot, full of inspiration? Well, we got JUST the book recommendations for you! 1- A Season in Lights by Gregory E. Phillips is a sublime romance about a ballerina and a pianist in NYC and thier carreers, how they met and... Continue Reading →

SW E-Mag 7th Ed. – Erotica

In order to support the underrated community of Erotica Writers on Twitter, we made a special E-mag talking focused on the genre, asking Erotica Writers about their craft and their views on the market and how they handle their overall work circumstances, which led to very interesting insights. Download your FREE Copy and have fun!

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