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The Canadian Mounted by Mark Leslie

We all have a favorite movie. The one we latch onto, the one we watch over and over again, seeing something new each and every time. It’s the one we know every line, every nuance. For Mark Leslie, that movie is the 1987 classic comedy starring John Candy and Steve Martin, Planes, Trains & Automobiles.... Continue Reading →

Fright Nights, Big City By Mark Leslie

"Fright nights, Big City" takes off with energy and a quick recap of the last book's, "Fear and Longing in Los Angeles", main events.Although this is a paranormal comedy romance, Mark Leslie grips us into our seats with a suspense-inducing first scene that promises trouble and lots of awkward moments for our main character and... Continue Reading →

WIDE For The Win by Mark Leslie

Mark Leslie, is not only a great writer, author of the Canadian Werewolf series, which we reviewed one fantastic book, Fear and Longing in Los Angeles, which you should check out, but is also a Best-selling author, that, and the fact that he was the Director of Self-Publishing and Author Relations of Kobo AND works... Continue Reading →

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