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Catalyst by Nicole Fanning

Get it on Amazon || Goodreads Catalyst is the first book is the debut series by Nicole Fanning. This book started and the first couple of chapters really left me hooked as the chapters were alternating between Natalie and Jaxon’s point of view and the reader gets a good insight into both of their brains.... Continue Reading →

“Ice Islands” By Humphrey Hawksley

This review contains affiliate links After a full year, and some extra months, we have the utter pleasure of having into our “house” another book from Humphrey Hawksley, and not only that, BUT, it’s the follow-up book of the incredibly well-written “Man on Fire” of the Rake Ozenna Series! So, IF you haven’t read the... Continue Reading →

Texas Dead By William Gensburger

In a town in Texas called Corpus Christi, Detective Mackenzie, known as Maxie, starts investigating a murder of an investment advisor that seems totally random, because of the way he was murdered. Things start off becoming even stranger because it seems that the victim is a normal, very nice guy that didn’t have enemies at... Continue Reading →

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