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The Lost Maidens by Destiny Swallows and Ruby Marley

The Lost Maidens is a book that quickly picks readers interest because the storyline isn’t usual. You get female viking warriors with anger management issues, lesbian warriors and a princess, all going to Vinland. Definitely not something you read everyday, maybe never. Get your book on Amazon || Google Books || Barnes & Noble ||... Continue Reading →

Deuces are Wild by O. E. Tearmann

This review does contain affiliate links. Get it on Amazon || Read the review Book 6! The first thing I silently asked from The Authors is that this book wasn’t as bleak as book 5, "Draw Dead" (Review Here), and my prayers were heard. Thank Janice’s Jesus.  As you surely know by now, this series... Continue Reading →

A Proper Contentment by Ned Hopkins

“A Proper Contentment” is a story about love—and all the ways you learn to give it. From the first line, you’re pulled into Ned Hopkins’ novel, which is filled with isolation, fear, lust, secrecy, love, discovery, and scandal. No one’s innocent, and everyone has something to hide. Hopkins delicately unravels the lives of the three... Continue Reading →

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