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The Lost Maidens by Destiny Swallows and Ruby Marley

The Lost Maidens is a book that quickly picks readers interest because the storyline isn’t usual. You get female viking warriors with anger management issues, lesbian warriors and a princess, all going to Vinland. Definitely not something you read everyday, maybe never. Get your book on Amazon || Google Books || Barnes & Noble ||... Continue Reading →

Abigail by Daemon Manx

Abigail is an unexpected gift, not just for the short story’s protagonist Adrian, but also to the reader. This short story is a capsule of well written captivation! From the very beginning, the reader is welcomed into the world of Adrian and just when you begin to get comfortable, you are jarred from your seat... Continue Reading →

A Proper Contentment by Ned Hopkins

“A Proper Contentment” is a story about love—and all the ways you learn to give it. From the first line, you’re pulled into Ned Hopkins’ novel, which is filled with isolation, fear, lust, secrecy, love, discovery, and scandal. No one’s innocent, and everyone has something to hide. Hopkins delicately unravels the lives of the three... Continue Reading →

My Pursuit of Beauty by Vince Spinnato

Before we start talking about the written content, the ideas, discoveries and the secrets of the beauty industry, we HAVE to talk about this cover! HA! THIS cover is genius! Intriguing. Comic and when you join everything with THAT title.... BUM! You have a potential best-seller right here! AMAZING! This is a cover that you... Continue Reading →

Drifters by V. S. Holmes

After the ending of the previous book, 'Travelers', that hit our hearts, left us confused and eager to know more, V. S. Holmes comes back to the story without fan-fair, and what we mean by this is that the author throws memories of the deaths on the first book, the conflicts inside Nel and her... Continue Reading →

Travelers by V. S. Holmes

The narrative is impressive and steady and the story engaging at once. Given the cover, and the fact that the book is Sci-fi, we get anxious to see what marvelous science fiction is going go happen, because we are introduced to an archaeology site digging, which, has, per our experience in Sci-fi, good basis to... Continue Reading →

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