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The Lost Maidens by Destiny Swallows and Ruby Marley

The Lost Maidens is a book that quickly picks readers interest because the storyline isn’t usual. You get female viking warriors with anger management issues, lesbian warriors and a princess, all going to Vinland. Definitely not something you read everyday, maybe never. Get your book on Amazon || Google Books || Barnes & Noble ||... Continue Reading →

Pride (LGBTQ+) Reads

Looking for the best LGBTQ+ books? You are reading the right post.*All of the books have either LGBTQ+ Characters or are full-blown LGBTQ+, and are rated by absolute awesomeness!* #1- THE "ACES HIGH JOKERS WILD SERIES" !!!! By O. E. Tearmann Poised to be The Best series of books EVER reviewed on Scribble's Worth Book... Continue Reading →

Call the Bluff By O. E. Tearmann

And after reading the first book , The Hands We're Given, in this INCREDIBLE Series , Aces High Jokers Wild, we begged (internally) to read the other books, and the Authors heard our silent prayers!   How good was the first book? Well, let us just say that “The Hands We’re Given” is one of the... Continue Reading →

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