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First-time Authors’ Challenges – SW E-Mag 10th Ed.

Lets face it, it's harder to publish a book than to make a best-seller, and it's even harder to FINISH writing a book. So! for all of you writers that are daunted by the prospects of writing a book, querying and all the challenges of being a newbie writer, here's an E-mag that will help... Continue Reading →

Year of the WHAT (Slut)? by Jennifer Lierberman

A bold title, a VERY bold title indeed. "The Year of the What?" is a powerful statement into itself, given that it is aimed to shock the reader into curiosity and awareness, something that it does effectively. THANKFULLY, we at Scribble’s Worth are pro-shock, pro-women, pro-indie, pro-diversity and inclusion of all and are not hindered... Continue Reading →

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