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Allaigna’s Song: Aria by J. M. Landels

The start of this book, the continuation of the previous, Allaigna's Song Overture, is as dramatic as the end of the previous. The drama, alongside with the narration of J M Landels, pulls us back into the "fateful" events that lead this story, as we will find out soon enough. Allaigna, our MC, has discovered... Continue Reading →

The Traitor by D.C. Gomez

The Traitor, book two in The Order’s Assassin series, continues Sasha’s and Eric’s story. Author D.C. Gomez’s paranormal mystery will pull you along into a page-turner of a novel that will keep you engaged to the end. Eric and Sasha find themselves embroiled in a variety of dangerous situations. Eric, on the search for a... Continue Reading →

Eternity’s Well by Zachary Hagen

Don’t you looove books that start with a bang, people running, screaming and buildings collapsing? Your kind of book? Then read on because this is just THE book for you . With an INSTANTLY engaging narrative, Zachary Hagen tells us about two emergency responders of a magic city, and what is the emergency they are... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Janet Kravetz!

Hello and WELCOME Janet to the second EVER online interview of Scribble's Worth, and the first of the year! How are you feeling today? I’m feeling great, thanks, excited to answer your questions! Janet, you seem to have it all. A best-selling book that is simply awesome, and extremely pertinent; great skill when it comes... Continue Reading →

Sky Curse By Janet Kravetz

Sky Curse is the first book in Janet Kravetz’s genre-blurring The Chosen Five series. In this sci-fi dystopian-themed novel, the author takes readers into the not-so-distant future, where humanity has brought Earth to its knees. Climate change is rampant and the dangerous weather is unpredictable. The population has overwhelmed the planet, and humans are using... Continue Reading →

Alpha & Omega by Anna J Walner

Bitchy. Bossy. Evil. These are the first things that you will find out this book. Anna J Walner once again hits the ground running, or may I say, slapping us around with this plot in the Uluru Legacy Series, this book that, gives us no time to blink, NOT EVEN A PROLOGUE, nothing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. It... Continue Reading →

Death’s Intern by D. C. Gomez

This review contains Affiliate links Get your book on Author's Page || Alibris|| Book Depository|| Amazon Death’s Intern is the first book in D.C. Gomez’s The Intern Diaries series. Isis Black has no idea that the supernatural world exists around her, but she’s about to get a crash course when Death herself comes for her.... Continue Reading →

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