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Book Awards 2022

Hello there, and welcome to the "ultimate" post of every year, the Scribble's Worth Book Reviews Awards, and find out which were truly the most spectacular books of the year, after passing some of the harshest criteria of selection, review standards and ratings! Yes, we are still one of the most selective book review sites... Continue Reading →

Halloween Book Recommendations

It's October, and you know what THAT means: IT'S SPOOKY SEASON!!!!! ,and we are here to give you the list of the SPOOKIEST, SCARIEST, and FREAKIEST (and funniest) books for Halloween we have reviewed so far. Let's GO! *(Click on the titles to read the full review)* 1- Hell Fighters Do not let the rating... Continue Reading →

Alpha & Omega by Anna J Walner

Bitchy. Bossy. Evil. These are the first things that you will find out this book. Anna J Walner once again hits the ground running, or may I say, slapping us around with this plot in the Uluru Legacy Series, this book that, gives us no time to blink, NOT EVEN A PROLOGUE, nothing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. It... Continue Reading →

Saltwater and Driftwood by Anna J Walner

This review contains affiliate links. We know Anna J Walner (all reviews here) as a Romance, fictional romance, fantasy author - The Uluru Legacy Series - , (that writes pretty cool erotica as well btw), but, we, as her loyal readers would never, not even in our wildest dreams, imagine, fathom, that she would write... Continue Reading →

Pride E-mag (June) – 14th Edition

To celebrate the Pride month, we brought some very well known members of the WritingCommunity and LGBTQ+, such as Bjørn Larssen, Anna J Walner, our always present Editor, Ashleigh Bonner, and an AVID advocate a member LGBTQ+ community, Riley Alerton and the O. E. Tearmann! An E-mag that you cannot miss. Download your E-mag here,... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Reads

Hardcore, Heart-Punching Romance The Aviator Series - The Aviator + The Warfighter - by Craig DiLouie has the most romantic couple EVER!! Yes, the series is about jet-fighters, the American ways, BUT! Craig DiLouie made a KILLER job when it came to romance into these books. All the conflicts and difficulties they faced, all the... Continue Reading →

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