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Get Paid for referring authors to us

Everyone likes money and discounts, and the easier the better, right? So, here's our deal for you: For every author that you refer to us, that buys a review service from us , we will pay you 3 USD. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! You send us an author, he/she/them buys, we will pay you 3USD. We... Continue Reading →

Book Awards 2022

Hello there, and welcome to the "ultimate" post of every year, the Scribble's Worth Book Reviews Awards, and find out which were truly the most spectacular books of the year, after passing some of the harshest criteria of selection, review standards and ratings! Yes, we are still one of the most selective book review sites... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Janet Kravetz!

Hello and WELCOME Janet to the second EVER online interview of Scribble's Worth, and the first of the year! How are you feeling today? I’m feeling great, thanks, excited to answer your questions! Janet, you seem to have it all. A best-selling book that is simply awesome, and extremely pertinent; great skill when it comes... Continue Reading →

Lower Prices, Same Excellent Quality

You, our dear costumers and friends, have, indeed, told us through our survey that our prices were, a bit high. And we heard you. Given that we have costs, we were thinking about the best way both parties, could win, and have everything they wanted; you, getting an even better, more affordable service, and us,... Continue Reading →

Costumer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay We have been saying that we are "the best promotional review service for indie writers" for quite a while, (at least on the Twitter Writing Community), and that was all good and dandy, yet, we didn't have the numbers to even show our case, let alone prove it. So... Continue Reading →

Halloween Book Recommendations

It's October, and you know what THAT means: IT'S SPOOKY SEASON!!!!! ,and we are here to give you the list of the SPOOKIEST, SCARIEST, and FREAKIEST (and funniest) books for Halloween we have reviewed so far. Let's GO! *(Click on the titles to read the full review)* 1- Hell Fighters Do not let the rating... Continue Reading →

The Best Fiction Is Real

A controversial title? For sure. Want to know why we are telling you this? Then read on. Imagine a dangerous chase scene. The main characters under fire, running on an open field, and somehow, every single bullet the the villains shoot, misses. Odd, you think, but it's fiction, right? Right. The scene carries on at... Continue Reading →

Write What Needs To Be Written

Many times, writers, in an attempt to “ride the wave” of a certain genre, write a book, or several, about a popular theme, in an attempt to reach “success faster”. Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay This tactic is a sure way to fail IF: You don’t have a big marketing platform at your back. You don't... Continue Reading →

The Missing Blurb

It's a lovely day, you have free time and the sun is shinning. Oh glory day, the only thing that is left is… a GREAT INDIE BOOK! No problem. You pick your phone and hit social media and search "Books" and say to yourself: "To make this even more interesting, the VERY FIRST book related... Continue Reading →

Pride (LGBTQ+) Reads

Looking for the best LGBTQ+ books? You are reading the right post.*All of the books have either LGBTQ+ Characters or are full-blown LGBTQ+, and are rated by absolute awesomeness!* #1- THE "ACES HIGH JOKERS WILD SERIES" !!!! By O. E. Tearmann Poised to be The Best series of books EVER reviewed on Scribble's Worth Book... Continue Reading →

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