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Indie Writers are many times taken advantage of, due to their high need for promotion of their books. From high fees for 1-time services that don’t bring results to downright scams. We think that’s cruel, and we are changing that.

We created Scribble’s Worth to be not only a safe-heaven for writers, where they can get free tools, knowledge and resources to help themselves (check our free E-mags and Articles) but also, a place to help each of our clients to reach more readers with less and less effort over time.

We will promote your book, long after the review is made and paid, every time we have a chance to, so you can rest easy knowing that your book is being promoted to someone asking for a book recommendation.

Here’s what our costumers think about our services in 2022!

With our Team of Book Reviewers (that are also bookbloggers, booktubers, and bookstagrammers), our famous monthly E-mag and our Book Catalog that reach 3,000+ readers every month, you can rest assured that your book will reach more readers instantly.

As a company we are always making new partnerships with Book-podcasts, Literary Magazines, Book Agents, and even publishers, to increase the scope of opportunities to our clients, be them old, or new! (Read their testimonials here)

We give yearly book awards too!

The best thing about us? You get all the new services, continuously, without being charged for them!

BUT WAIT, don’t I have to pay for them?” you ask.

Yes, you have to pay, but only once and IF, your book get’s a positive review from our reviewers. We are highly selective of the books we accept in our brand (read more about our selectivity here), and only promote well-written, original and creative books that reader will LOVE to read and we will RAVE about, every time we recommend them to our readers and Partners (here’s what we do and don’t review). If your book doesn’t pass, well, you don’t have to pay. Our prices are extremely affordable and we offer huge discounts! Check our discounts here.

“Not enough can be said about the level of quality that authors receive when having their books reviewed by Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews. By far, one of the best sites to have a review of your book. The care and consideration they give to every manuscript is evident. When they say a book is good, they truly mean it. Beyond highly recommended. 10/10!”

Anna J Walner, International Bestselling Author of The Uluru Legacy Series . Scribble’s Worth Multiple Award Winning Author

“As an Indie writer, I appreciate the consideration and value readers, editors, and reviewers devote to supporting us.

The crew at Scribble’s Worth Book Reviews have done that for me. My initial concern was with the sincerity and legitimacy of the staff. I was (and continue to be) impressed with the quality of their service.

They have been both professional and easy to work with, and the review of my debut sci-fi book ” Destined: By Choice or Circumstance” by Bunny was honest, comprehensive, and insightful. It was far more than I expected.

Michael D Brooks, Author of “Destined: By Choice or Circumstance

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