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Outfoxed By Peter Thomas Pontsa

The action in Outfoxed by Peter William Pontsa starts off very quickly with a boat chase, gunshots, and an explosion. The reader’s interest is caught immediately.

William Fox is an Inspector with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), stationed in Montreal, Quebec. The city of Montreal, for various reasons, has decided to dump waste into the St. Lawrence River, triggering protests. The RCMP is concerned about the potential for violence from protesters along the river which could impede trade vessels coming and going. Inspector Fox and his partner Philip White, are sent out onto the river to patrol and head off what trouble they can. What they come across is, indeed, rather violent. However, it is not connected to the protests, but instead, an old case Inspector Fox worked.

Tracy Jordan is an archaeologist who works with her father. Their current project is proving Admiral Zheng He discovered and settled in North America during the Ming Dynasty. At the beginning of Outfoxed, Tracy Jordan is in China attending classes at Nanjing University’s School of Liberal Arts, posing as an international student as a cover for her research. In particular, she is looking for a diary that details the contents and location of a vast treasure rumored to have been hidden in Canada, but then Tracy is kidnapped for some reason.

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The premise of the story is fascinating. The age-old search for treasure is sure to catch the attention of many readers. Yet this book isn’t just about seeking treasure. It’s also a police procedural and political thriller. Each of these three genres can be difficult to write. The storylines must be interesting, and the characters, descriptions, and facts portrayed in the stories must be realistic. This is difficult to maintain for each of these genres separately, but combined, this becomes much more difficult. Peter Thomas Pontsa does an admirable job in this novel.

If there is anything I was disappointed with it would be the dialog and descriptions. When reading a novel, particularly one with cultures different from my own, I enjoy reading more in-depth descriptions of the places, and people themselves. Getting a better feel for the characters and their lives makes it easier for the reader to identify with the characters. I believe helping readers to identify with the characters is important. In Outfoxed, Peter Thomas Pontsa falls a little short in these areas, in my opinion. The dialogue could’ve been smoother, and more in depth in order to make it feel more realistic.

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Inspector William Fox is depicted as exactly the kind of man you would expect as an inspector of the RCMP. He is a direct, no-nonsense kind of man who cares deeply about his job, and getting the results needed. He is even willing to slightly bend the rules when necessary.

Tracy Jordan is highly intelligent, determined, and very goal-oriented almost to the point of going too far. She knows exactly what she wants, and does what is needed to obtain her goals. Again, this is to the edge of being unwise. This is clearly depicted in her search for the diary. She is in a country that would not look kindly on her work if it were known, and yet Tracy takes only nominal steps to protect herself during her research.

The premise of the book was intriguing, and the peek into life in China and how the Chinese Triads work was educational. Peter Thomas Pontsa brings together political intrigue, treasure hunting, and police procedurals together in an interesting story that spans the globe. It brings two people together who, at the start, are a world apart, with different goals and concerns and yet they come together to ensure Tracy’s safety and stop the Triad.

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Despite my misgiving regarding the descriptions and dialogues in Outfoxed, I recommend this book to readers who enjoy treasure hunting, political intrigue, or police procedurals. The story itself is interesting if only surface level. If the reader can overlook that, Outfoxed: An Inspector William Fox Adventure is worth the read.

Book score: 7.8/10

Cover Score: 8.5/10

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Review by Andrea Martin

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