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Remaking of the Sorceress by Natalie Bartley

Imagine being one of the most powerful beings in existence, the most feared witch, a goddess that was adored and hated for thousands of years, to the point that your name spread chaos and panic, and you suddenly lose your powers and become… mortal.

How are you going to recover them? IF you ever do so? Easy! Just face challenges against all gods that you did wrong, all witches that want you dead, and yes, you will have to fight them, as… a mortal. A walk in the park indeed…

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“Once I felt the trees surround We in their embrace— I heard the cackles of the witches and the fae as they took to the air. Two hours to run— two hours to hide two hours until I died.”

Karma is really a bitch, and Karma will be wicked towards Medea in this story, not only in funny, but also in wicked ways. She will have to face her sins (*coughs* those ones too *coughs*), and be done the same to her, as she has done to others.

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“Remaking the Sorceress: Titan of the Light Book 1” by Natalie Bartley is a very twisted book, fun, light, but in many ways well-thought, a little exaggerated in terms of sexual fantasies, but with great sex scenes, touching just a little in the cliché part, but presented in an unexpected way, which was good.

A few times I had the impression that the plot was favouring Medea, and the author enhancing a little too much the courage of Medea, but that does not stop the novel from flowing, and although the plot is easy to follow at first, you will get a lot of unpredictable turns as you read more and more which makes this book exciting and surprising until the end.

Medea is not your usual female MC, and she is truly… free, shall we say this, without giving you spoilers, but know this: You will be very surprised with her… moves, so leave your judgments behind, and if you are the type of reader that prefers “puritan” books, this is NOT that book. Any one but THIS!!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH! Go Medea!!!!

“Most women would love to have two gorgeous men fawning over them, but I was old, ancient by most standards, and I valued my independence. I hated this. “

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Another great thing about this MC is that she is powerful, but also extremely flawed and at times, vulnerable and broken. The growth Medea experiences throughout the book is uncanny, and actually, forced, in a good way. Well, at times, she gets some lashes but…. that’s another wicked story.

There are lots of secrets, twists, and even backstories at the end of the book that will make you go ahhhhhhh . This is a well thought-out book , and the fact that the mythology was well researched adds a lot to this title, not only for being extremely creative, but also for introducing us to many gods, and magical beings that normally don’t get a lot of attention such as the Horned God, The Lame God, and the Golden Fleece. It’s surprising, enlightening, and oh you will want to punch Aphrodite on the boobs, trust me.

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Talking about punching boobs, and gods, there is a side of Hell that we readers did not expect. ACTUALLY, the gods of Hell, of the Underworld, were more humane than the ones above it, except for one very sunny god that was a complete asshole, but still… very nice, very nice indeed!

This is a title that I am sure everyone will enjoy, except those that think that sex is should be “clean”. Once again, I repeat, do not read this book if you like puritan stuff, there is nothing here for you. Other than that, I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a quick, entertaining, funny, sexy, and extremely creative read about Greek Goddesses, Vampires, Dragons and very horny Fae.


  • Great Plot, original approach to known characters
  • Introduction to many unknown, or less famous Greek Gods
  • Excellent sex scenes
  • Great character development
  • Unpredictable scenes


  • Medea seemed… too confident even weakened, at times when she shouldn’t be so daring.

Favourite Character: Vlad

Lesson of the book: Go to hell. No literally, it’s not that bad.

Cover Score: 8/10

Book Score: 8.6/10

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