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Lure Jesse and Hawk by W.L. Hawkin

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Lure started off with our main character, Jesse, out in the woods, taking pictures of animals, as she does for her job as a photographer. When she is about to take a picture of a beautiful young deer, the most unexpected thing happens right before her eyes! Stunned and quite literally tripping over herself by the surprise of what she was seeing…

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When I started this book, (and going in totally blind in regards to the “about the book” section) I thought Hawk was going to be an alien, supernatural… something, but he was simply… human. A very intriguing human, and even though the initial meeting was wrought with tension and accusations, Jesse and Hawk seemed drawn to one another even while they were passionately glaring at one another from across the forest.

This book takes you on a journey near the Chippewa reservation in Lure River, Minnesota. This town is small, super small. Everybody in the area knows everyone else and they also know their business. Jesse is there to work, take pictures, and be close to her friend Rainy.

The story behind the mystery man-hunter is shared to our MC by Rainy and we get to see and understand his the tragic past. Jesse has her own tragic story and one of the reasons she is in this cabin in the woods, is due to her past. Jesse can relate to Hawk’s pain and feels this may be why she feels this connection with this stranger.

There are different points of view in the book once you read more into the story we are taken into the past for a few chapters to get an understanding of the other characters point of view as well. We, as readers think one thing about these characters and then by the end of the book, we will be surprised that what “happened” didn’t happen the way the reader thought.

This story is short, the overall flow of the book was smooth and did not take me out of the book while reading and at one point in the story, I was so wrapped up in this story and what happened next that I didn’t want to put it down.

There were laugh out loud funny parts, angst, and even some parts that really made me want to throw the book in a fire. It got to be frustrating in certain parts and the banter back and forth between Jesse and Hawk was so hot and cold, I wasn’t sure if I was intrigued or irritated. Many scenes and situations in this book will have readers really invested in the story of Lure River and the drama that unfolds inside of the town.

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Other than the ending, that felt rushed and could have been clearer, I enjoyed the story of Jesse and Hawk. It was intriguing, with its Native spirits woven in and being respectful of Native culture. The world building wasn’t as strong as in fantasy books, I could have still pictured myself in the book with the characters, which I appreciated. The writer did her research, and when I looked it up, I found out that she actually studied Native American Culture, so there is some solid content in this book, and if you are into the paranormal, ghosts, hauntings, mystery, and Native culture, this book is definitely for you. Plus, it has a nice cover. I’d pick it up and see what the book was about if I saw it on a shelf in a bookstore. I hope to read more from this author in the future.

Book score: 8.0/10

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