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Dead Without Remorse by Diane Bator

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This book starts off with a bang, literally!

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One minute the characters are sitting in the backyard sipping their afternoon drinks and the next minute, there is an explosion and it’s raining blown up pieces of buildings. This leads the characters to start digging into what could have happened and following clues to who may have done it. There’s a dead body that may not belong to the scene of the explosion.

This book takes the reader on a journey while the characters investigate while providing funny, cringy, and even some what the fuck moments that leave the reader scratching their head and wondering what is really going on.

Dead Without Remorse can be read quickly, and it has an easy plot to follow with the setting of the story being a small town in Sandstone Cove, with Gilda being our MC. The descriptions of imagery although present, are sparse, and the author focuses on the development of the plot with more intensity in comparison.

I would describe this book as “all business and not a lot of fluff”. There were some side moments, a funeral, MMA fighting, and a police search but most of the book was focused on the “who done it?” and not on the relationships with the characters. So, if you are looking for a book that gets down to business and takes you along for the ride, then this is the book for you.

Gilda, our MC was the one that the readers were dragged along with wherever she went, and we as readers get to see some “side business” that Gilda is in with another character that brings some curious tension to the book in terms of relationships. Nothing wrong, but definitely… something.

Marion, the best friend, added the comedic relief to the book, along with Kane, when it was getting a little too serious. Whenever he came around, the reader was delighted in the banter between Gilda, Marion, and Kane.

Although I might have missed on the content of previous books from the series, and therefore had trouble connecting fully with the characters and getting more substance out of the overall plot, the story kept my attention, was fast paced, and when I got to the end, I was intrigued enough to want to read more about the characters.

By the end of the book, the reader is left hanging with Gilda’s personal relationships and we may see follow up books with a relationship status change. I was actually rooting for one of the guys but again, that may be because I haven’t read the rest of the series yet so I may have a different attitude once I do. One of the guys just seemed very much like a stage five clinger and not at all what I would want in a relationship. If some guy kept popping up at my house, I would be filing a restraining order, not letting him stay…. Boundaries much?

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The cover does help in getting a sense of what’s the book about. It’s decent, enough that I would be curious about it and want to grab it off the shelf to see what the book is about.

The overall flow of the book was smooth, pleasant and kept my attention, and with a more detailed world building, and further push in the mystery department and this book and series will reach it’s full potential. I do know some readers who love a good, strong, quickie (ahem) and this would be perfect for them, whereas, I need some time for build up in order to get a strong reaction from me 😉.

I hope to fall more in love with these characters when I go back to read the others.

Book Score: 8.0/10

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