Shapers Of Worlds Vol. II – Anthology by Edward Willett

All the Authors in this anthology were featured in the Aurora Award-winning Podcast, “The World Shapers”.

This anthology has sci-fi and fantasy short stories, and very good ones too. In the first story, we have Shadow Sight by Kelly Armstrong. A story about a girl, walking on a path, alone, while admiring The Shadow Moon overtake the Moon. On a dangerous first mission she can’t fail, this girl is determined to secure her place in her family’s clan. Little does she know that a terrible truth hides behind her family, a truth that might costs her life. A magical curse, or a gift that forces you to choose righteousness?

This short is the perfect beginning for this Anthology, as it makes wonder, think and become eager for more.

The second story, “Ghost and Fox” by Marie Brennan, is a complex, swift and mysterious story about a girl who died, or didn’t, and lived again.

Told quite fast, this short offers a lot to the imagination and commands attention in every word, thanks to the mysterious setting. Very well thought out with a novella-worth of implications and events told in less than 2k words. Uttermost impressive! This story will linger in our minds long after we finish reading it, and make us come back to it to relive it. Excellent!

“LETTERS FROM AN IMPRISONED WIZARD TO A YOUNG QUEEN, AND ASSOCIATED EXPLICATORY CORRESPONDENCE” By Garth Nix, the third story, is a total gem! Not only there’s drama, hyperbole, tension but there’s also a soft humor mixed in the thrilling nature of it. This fantasy story with a subtle romantic plot, stirred in a temporal misunderstanding, is refreshing. There are creatures that will make you laugh, a powerful wizard with crazy ire that is out of place, and a clueless Queen with her life at risk. Entertaining from beginning to end.

This is one of those collections that we would pay $50 for the paperback. The editor, Edward Willett , made a fabulous job in “collecting” these “cabinets of curiosity”.

Some stories will leave you asking “what?!” in a curious and entertained way as you read, trying to find the context of the story while your eyes become unwilling to stop reading for you to think it out. Hahahahahahah. One of those stories is “Going to Ground” by Candas Jane Dorsey, that about a human, that makes sentient spiders out of body hair that is incarcerated for making sushi. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

It’s great to see how stories like this, so well crafted, can make you question all that you have defined as possible and add to the potential of existence and dreaming, while filling you with laughs and nostalgia of times you never lived but understand. Exquisite!

Stories were humans are not the heroes, but the ones that need to learn, make you think upon our own nature . The punishment and lessons that a prisoner has to endure, because of a futile war show us how our stubbornness can, at times do us great harm. “Beneath a Bicameral Moon” by JeremySzal, about an imprisoned female warrior on a alien planet, shows how strong women are and the misconceptions of men towards them. The mystery and implications on history between planets and the people is great. The tension that the author built is amazing and we, along with the characters are desperate to know the answers. So we continue to read. We do continue to read, but not to find the truth, but the lies. EPIC!!

Jeffrey Carver, author of the Reefs of Time, reviewed on our blog and featured on our E-mag, has a cool story here too! Filled with humor and exaggeration, this story “Shapeshifter Finals” is about an intergalactic wrestling tournament happening on Earth! Take your time to imagine that, hahahahahaha.

The names of the characters are priceless, hahahahahaha, and the humor of narrative eye-catching to say the least. We have our main character, Hog, and other earthlings, fighting alien centipedes, creatures that can extend their limbs, and shape-shifters. And that’s not even the start of their possible problems on the ring, hhahahhahahaah. An incredible story with a surprising finale that will asking when will we have one of these in our little planet.

Do you like cats? If you do, you’ll like “Thibauld’s Tale” by Edward Willett. This cool Sci-fi is about a cat, that isn’t a cat, but is a cat, and a plan to free the Moon! Yes. It will make much more sense when you read it. LOL

Androids cops that say movie references for fun; explorations on the moons of Saturn with amazing detail of landscape and conditions in there, including the gravity and the effects of it, the rivers, the ice, the conditions, and all the dangers of exploring such a moon would bring. It’s freaking amazing! This is a treasure for sci-fi lovers! And if you are a space-nerd, or space-geek, you won’t get enough of these stories! They are so good!

Once again we HAVE to congratulate Edward for picking up these GEMS! This anthology will leave you completely hooked!

There is one story that will make you crack with laughter starting from the title – I HID IN THE BATHROOM WHEN THE ALIENS ARRIVED – Hahahhahahahahahahahahahah. The way the author, Lisa Foiles, tells the story is funny, and dumb, as hell, hahahahahhahahahaha, love it!

I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard. HAHAHHAHAHA, priceless humor.

But the story isn’t funny for no reason, it has a valuable lesson, with an emotional ending. We will miss you Vicky.

We have stories with deep conflicts, including family struggles that traverse the boundaries of Earth. Magic realms in myths from all over the world, and space , wild witches, The Seven Gods and Shangri, Necromancers and much, MUCH more.

This Anthology is oh, so priceless for the Sci-fi and Fantasy lovers. A book that you want the hardcover of at full price. THIS IS GLORIOUS!! Excellent taste from the Editor. EXCELLENT COLLECTION!!

Cover Score: 8.7/10

Book Score: 9.4/10

Listen to the quick Podcast Review

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