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The Warfighter By Craig DiLouie

When I received a review request for this book, I almost screamed my lungs out, because Craig DiLouie is one of our favourite authors of all time, and this series is one of the many series that we want to review completely. I guess dreams do come true.

There were HIGH expectations for this book, because the first book, The Aviator, shot itself right up the top 5 books of the year, and it’s STILL there, because it’s THAT hard to beat and THAT good, and if you have read it, you will totally agree with us. If you haven’t read, take a moment and read our review of that AMAZING book.

So Very high expectations were due to this book, but it only took 2 paragraphs of the book, the first two paragraphs of the book to prove, once again, that Craig DiLouie is one of THE BEST writers out there, period. HOLY MOLLY, talk about an introduction:

Let me tell you something about war, Ms. Carter: There is always a sequel.

Humans will return to war again and again regardless of its cost. Because the cost doesn’t matter, only who pays and who benefits. Those who benefit most have power and money, while those who pay the most have only love and pride. ”

– Jack Knapp

Like, who wouldn’t want to read a book written like this? Who wouldn’t become instantly gripped by curiosity to know more, and the sheer tone of the introduction…. *takes a deep breath* my god! THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!

And not to mention that there are many characters that are still in the novel, specially Firecraker, ohhh this book is HEAVEN!!!!

OK, OK, we get it, we are in love with the books of Craig, and this should be unbiased, yes, and so lets leave emotion to the side and actually, and officially start the review of this book, analytically. To the review then! *Laughs*

Although we are aware of Craig DiLouie’s narrative, it’s always a good thing to remember and note that it’s clear-cut and has a very stable pace, almost like a “jog” when the scenes aren’t flying by with action, which is a very good thing because this is a thriller and the reader keeps itself engaged to the book as the pages grow.

The light wording of the whole book helps as well, there aren’t words that you won’t understand, which is very cool, and given that this is the second book on the series, the author gives you snippets of the happenings of the previous book which lets you connect the story dots and carry on without being confused.

Funny scenes, sad scenes and pretty embarrassing situations will happen to our main character, and just like many of the hints in the book will let you know, somethings will change. Some for the better, some for the worse.

The approach of this book, in this series is different and more like the same in many ways, as Jack Knapp has to re-adapt himself to the Navy and face new challenges as he is… let us  say… “put at the starting line” again with all the newbies and the non-veterans due to… avoidable circumstances, and needs to prove himself over again, something that we don’t find in many books which is why this series is cool. It’s different and original, I mean, Craig could have had plotted that he was again fit and “send him up in the air” on the first mission and most wouldn’t question his decision as the author, but piloting jets is an extremely complex endeavour, no matter how many times you do it and specially  after not doing it for a great deal of time, so, in our critical analysis, it is a very sane  and extremely sensible decision of the author plot-wise. Kudos.

Our main character actually messes up, BIG TIME on the first pages of the book after coming back to the Navy, and it actually adds to his role and build, and once we take a step back, along with the author, and we put the character through the same conditions, emotionally-wise, once again we will see why Jack Knap did what he did. It was as if he was trying to sabotage himself because of the dire emotional circumstances and the awfully heart-breaking updates that he will encounter. It’s understandable and logical.

A thing that we noticed is how well Craig ends his chapters and how he regains the grip of the readers in the first line of the next chapter with a cool observation. Something very subtle, but that makes all the difference on this thriller

Value is a big word when it comes to books with our site. It’s not only a big word, but it’s the central word on Scribble’s Worth, and that’s one of the reasons we love Craig DiLouie’s writings. They are packed with value as moralistic views are questioned and distinct approaches in seeing things are given point-blank to the reader, in a way that one can only be engulfed in the beauty, the wit and the poignancy of the words that writes and the concepts he teaches on the pages of these books.

Here’s a good example:

How can one not be romantic about fighter jets, comrades, and stoic courage in battle? But past the uniforms, they’re just people.

In the end, what makes them heroes isn’t that they’re like cardboard characters in an action movie, it’s that they’re ordinary Americans, warts and all, who fought and sacrificed everything, right down to their skins, to do their duty.”

– Jack Knapp

That’s EXACTLY the type of stuff we are proud to recommend to readers!

Let us not forget, dear reader, that the one thing that has gripped you on the first book, is also present here. What is that, you ask? Well, the main character talks to you directly as the book progresses. In fact, Craig DiLouie is the onlywriter we have seen so far to make readers be characters in the story. Not only characters of the story, but, in fact, THE character to which the narrator, our main character, is telling the story to, and THAT’S impressive in all accounts, and to do it this well and this subtly is an art form into itself. Mad props to Craig on this trait that marks him as the very unique writer he is.

Corny jokes and humour will light up the mood of the book several times, specially when you need it most. Talking about jokes, the author did pull a big, bad and punchy “joke” when it came to our favourite couple, touché, touché. 

Humour that will make you crack, thanks to a TOTAL GOOFBALL of a character, fast and detailed flight and flight scenes, your BADASS female characters that whoopass on the sky, Jack Knapp, our lovable and relatable MC and narrator, will give you another amazing and VERY well written read of a book by this AMAZING writer. DO get your copy, and the first book on this amazing series.


  • EXCELLENT, BRILLIANTLY put narrative
  • EXCELLENT value-packed content on the subject of war
  • EXCELLENTLY build characters, specially the female characters that are FIERCE!
  • EXCELLENT humour! Priceless jokes on the book
  • EXCELLENT, heart-stopping thriller scenes
  • GREAT interactions between the characters
  • GREAT plot development
  • GREAT descriptive ability and imagery construction
  • Very consistent, logical and well thought-out plot
  • The perfect ending, just perfect


  • None.

Favourite Characters: Bunny and Kyra Kao.

Lesson of the book: “War is costly, but it’s a game humans love to play.”

Cover Score: 9.0/10

Score: 9.0/10

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