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The Witching Vault by Kathrin Hutson

On Scribble’s Worth we love everything awesome. Awesome books, awesome covers, and awesome authors. BUT! Apparently, we haven’t yet mentioned that a great title is just as appealing to us, and “The Witching Vault” is AN EPIC TITLE!

It catches your eye and mind for several reasons, invoking dark magic, secrets, blood, and maybe, just maybe chaos, and it doesn’t take much for 5expectations to be met with success, because the first words of the book are: “This was probably a terrible idea, but it wasn’t like she had a choice” and we are like: YES!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD! A great hook indeed!

Kathrin Hutson knows her craft and her type of readers because her writing connects with the reader by relating the struggles of normal people and great humor, I mean, how funny is a sketchy lizard named “Confucius” and a witch with short-term memory?

The Kathrin Hutson brings us a refreshing interaction between the main characters, Jessica and the owner of the store, Tabitha, that makes each page of this book interesting for the fact of how unpredictable it is. As readers, we get lost on the interactions and forget the major implications of the book and happenings that help the writer surprise us over and over again as the story unfolds. Tabitha is a centerpiece when it comes to leaving us unaware and wondering what is going to happen next due to her erratic and disarming behaviour.

The characters are filled with flavour and eccentricities, each on their particular and quite surprising way, which brings up the surprising quality of the reading experience. Jessica, the main character is something else. The fact that she isn’t “regular” and her attitude brushes coarsely throughout, sometimes to the point of us readers wanting to punch her in the face, makes this book even more special.

Like, how many books do you read that side characters are instantly more likable than the main character, and yet, you enjoy ridding shot-gun with the protagonist along the way? It’s a twisted love-hate relationship that we grow to appreciate. Very well put by Kathrin Hutson, major kudos.

When it comes to mystery, you have to nod your head to this book, and once again the author, because of her ability to “not” tell us things, not explaining and yet keeping us reading to find out what she will eventually, maybe tell us or let us figure out by ourselves. There is a LOT of information to processa and mysteries to solve that grow by the page, yet she gives us some answers to keep us satisifed. It’s very nice and makes sense overall.

The narrative is light and functional, and we get a feeling that the characters by themselves could tell the story without the narrator because of their frivolities and complex, complete interactions. The narration is just there because it is a must, or so it feels like it, because we don’t feel it and almost forget the fact that the book as a narrator given that the story is so good and solid.

The plot is unpredictable to the extreme, there are no plotholes, there are no clichés as far as we could tell, and it is a solid book into itself really.

You know it’s a good book when you read and you don’t see the hours fly-by.

This isn’t a dark magic fantasy book, this is a sarcasm manual.

Odd characters, weird interactions, sarcasm, dark humor by the boat loads and dark magic that guarantee you an entertiainning read that you wont’ forget, because the auhor CLEARLY had fun writing this. LOVED IT!

You don’t want the book to finish and when it does, you beg for the second part, because it’s going to be good!


  • Excellent characters
  • Sarcasm to the extreme
  • Excellent humour
  • A simple narrative that does its job without interrupting
  • Excellent interactions and details put here and there, specially on the visuals of the characters, that add to the imagery
  • Cool action scenes
  • Logical progress between the characters and the story plot
  • Unpredictable plot to the extreme



Favourite Characters: Tabitha and The Bank.

Lesson from the book: “Listen to people more often. Stubbornness will get you in deep trouble, fast”

Cover Score: 9.0/10

Book Score: 8.7/10

Listen to the Podcast Review

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