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The Aviator By Craig DiLouie

Flying is one of the coolest things on Earth and aircrafts are possibly the most awesome inventions created by mankind! They are faster than sound, look very slick and Craig DiLouie challenges our minds with them in this fast-paced thriller and IF you like adrenaline, The Aviator is the right book for you.

So, we start off with Jack Knapp, an aviation officer held prisoner in China that is being forced to write a confession ( talk about an interesting start and an interesting plot ), but then we are taken back to where it all started, in the US Navy, as he is deployed as an Lieutenant Jet Pilot where Knapp is screwed over and starts learning the lessons on the Navy, grinding his way up. The main character is VERY cool as are others like Pops, Skipper, Medusa, and Firecraker, that get themselves in great, heart-stopping missions on wings as they are trying to avoid WW3 but face themselves in the cross-path between helping Taiwan gain independence, given that it is an USA ally, and trying not to fight with China, so the stakes are pretty high right of the bat.

It’s not an all-blast and whoosh in the air thing filled with explosions and air-chasing the “bad guys”, although there’s lots of that, and that is good given that we as readers expect outright pandemonium and bullets, and once our expectations are shattered, we become curious and we start enjoying this great work by Craig DiLouie.

A startling thing about this book, and something that makes it very special, is the fact that we as readers are “included” in the book as characters. Weird? Yeah, but it adds to the originality of this title and helps in making the reader more alert. It’s AMAZING on how well Craig DiLouie puts the tension in each line of the action scenes that develop in intensity to the point of making you hold your breath. IT’S AWESOME!! It does justice to the rush of flying at high speed, well, at least on our imagination, hehheehhehe.

The author can surely pass-on the tension and the excitement of the pilots over drills, landings and the atmosphere on the cockpit . It’s nice to read and feel the tension of “millisecond” consequence and reactions as all implies death, and the fact that the author puts lots of humour in the novel makes it even more enjoyable.

There is lots of history and bits of information here and there, although this is all speculative, of course, the past and the possible future serve as reference to this great piece of literature. It’s nice to read and learn while you do it and although it’s inevitably too “patriotic”, all “freedom and democracy”, the writer didn’t overstep on that, while clearly giving off lessons on humility, courage and stupid heroism and offering reality checks, which makes this piece a very solid one to read and an excellent candidate for peer recommendation. There are some great “hit your face like a hammer” truths in there, which makes us like this book, and author even more, spilling hard-to-swallow pills and heads-up wake-up calls towards the “American Dream” and all of its illusions, and THAT’s what great literature is all about.

Yes, this is a thriller full of fast paced scenes, heart-clenching descripitions and LOOOTS of missiles, but one thing we have to tell you, Craig DiLouie writes some goddamn good romantic scenes, I mean, HELL YEAH!!!! This is what novels have to be about and how they should be written, with substance and feeling! There’s rawness, tenderness and caring and you fall in love with the several couples in this story. HELL YEAH!

The Aviator is an awesome, heartbreaking, emotional and personal-feeling story told with incredible skill by Craig DiLouie to whom I have to take my hat off to as a writer. This is a heck of a great book, an entertaining and educative read. TOP STUFF! We loved it from start to finish. Excellent work from Craig DiLouie.


  • Excellent narrative. Steady, fast-paced, conversational, original and entertaining. Flawless indeed
  • Excellent descriptions and action scenes
  • Excellent transfer of emotions to the reader
  • Top notch character interactions
  • Excellent approach on morals and righteousness, with clear descriptions and a contradictory and contemplative, very educational and rational approach. Outstanding
  • One of the BEST romantic sequences we have ever read, lovely
  • Great plot overall
  • Great ending
  • Original narrative approach towards the reader. VERY nice.
  • Awesome and FIERCE female characters.



Lesson from the book: “The truth is what matters most, be it yours, or Reality’s.”

Favourite Character: Kyra.

Cover Score: 9.0/10

Final Score: 9.0/10

Listen to the audio review here

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