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The Emir’s Falcon by Matt Hughes

I really enjoyed this story. This book was very heavy in different cultures and the teachings of each one as it was specific to the characters. This added a lot more dimensions to the character and also taught me, as the reader, things about their culture. Now whether or not some of that is not... Continue Reading →

The Tangled Stars by Edward Willet

Looking for a new sci-fi deep space novel to dive into with both feet? Then look no further than The Tangled Stars by Edward Willett. As this story unfolds, the author captivates you to the very end. Packed with drama, twists, turns, danger, and a genetically modified cat with a wicked sense of sarcastic wit,... Continue Reading →

How to be a Goldfish by Jane Baird Warner

How to be a Goldfish by Jane Baird Warren is a moving story about family, courage, and heroism. This short novel is deceptively nuanced and layered with themes just as relevant today as the time in which the story was set: 1981. Using the Sinclair and Macrath families, Baird Warren eloquently disclosed historical travesties committed... Continue Reading →

Augment Nation by Scott Overton

Augment Nation is a science fiction/futuristic novel by Scott Overton. Augment Nation delves into the futuristic exploration of brain-computer implants and their implications for the characters in this book. Everything has upsides and downsides, but what are the real dangers behind these? When an image pops up in your mind, is it simply a craving... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Janet Kravetz!

Hello and WELCOME Janet to the second EVER online interview of Scribble's Worth, and the first of the year! How are you feeling today? I’m feeling great, thanks, excited to answer your questions! Janet, you seem to have it all. A best-selling book that is simply awesome, and extremely pertinent; great skill when it comes... Continue Reading →

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