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Love’s Call by Fern Brady

Love is one of the most written about topics since time immemorial. It is a commonality that everyone across the world can identify and write about. From love stories like Krishna & Radha, to Romeo& Juliet, the idea of the star crossed lovers has taken many twists and turns. Thus so with Love’s Call by... Continue Reading →

Renew by Jenna Greene

In a society where the birth marks of people "tag them" as inferior, for some reason, our main character is able to escape from her "destiny", but with dire consequences and heavy burdens. Yet, is she free? Will she continue to be so? And for how long? Welcome to Jenna Greene's renew, a novel that... Continue Reading →

Killer With A Hear By JL Hill

Every summer when I was little, I spent a week at summer camp. I remember the year they tried to show us how to skip rocks. I’ve never been good at it, and to this day, I can’t get the rock to bounce more than once. But looking back, it strikes me that skipping rocks... Continue Reading →

Divergence by Melanie P. Smith

Divergence is the first book in Melanie P. Smith’s The Immortal series. For readers who love books steeped in Greek mythology and that give you a more adult version of Percy Jackson, then this is a book that is going to reach out and grab you. Divergence sweeps you away into a fantasy world packed... Continue Reading →

Outfoxed By Peter Thomas Pontsa

The action in Outfoxed by Peter William Pontsa starts off very quickly with a boat chase, gunshots, and an explosion. The reader's interest is caught immediately. William Fox is an Inspector with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), stationed in Montreal, Quebec. The city of Montreal, for various reasons, has decided to dump waste into... Continue Reading →

Journey Through Eden by Nieya Glen

I like going into a book blind with minimum details so that I can enjoy every single page rather than just knowing what’s waiting for me in the first 50 pages because I read the summary, so all I knew when I started reading Journey through Eden was that this follows Evelyn who works in... Continue Reading →

Plot & Scenery. 23rd Ed. E-mag

Plot is the most crucial element in the story, heck, it IS the story, and scenery makes the skin of it, so we talked with two of the coolest people in the Indie Writing Community, Rebecca Weber and Matryce Moon about this topics. Enjoy your free E-mag.

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